Sonic Youke Updates

Winter/Spring 2021

Experimental Uke Punk is our destiny. Drawing on influences such as Sonic Youth we have continued to explore the songs of Sonic Youth in a new medium. 2020 was mostly shut down for us, and all of our shows had to be put on hold until this is all over with the virus. In early 2020, we went into the studio, and recorded several songs. We will work to shares the tracks.

Before the shut-down we continued to expand our library of Sonic arrangements, and were working on several new songs. More from Daydream Nation, Rather Ripped, Experimental Jet Set and others (we hope to share recorded tracks later this year). Some of our favorites have been Chapel Hill, Cross the Breeze, Diamond Sea, Silver Rocket, Sugar Kane, Dirty Boots, and Jams Runs Free. We look forward to playing more shows when the dust settles.

Please check out our media page for pictures and videos from our shows.

Feel free to leave comments below. Favorite Sonic Youth songs/suggestions? An experience from a live show?

Traditional songwriting, to us, is where the experimental nature comes in. We’re all involved with so much outside activity with really hardcore, experimental music-making. — Thurston Moore

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  1. Try out disappearer!

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