Sonic Youke Updates

Summer 2022

Looking forward to new shows this summer and fall! We will be closing out the Dell stage at the Wescott Street Cultural Fair in Syracusr on Sunday 9/25 at 5:30pm.

Experimental uke punk is our destiny. We are full sized humans with small instruments and we mean business. This is a serious exploration of the joy of music breaking rules riding the waves as we are creating them. Our core inspiration and jumping off point, Sonic Youth, brought a no holds barred playful and experimental attitude to creating punk music, delving into broader ranges of sound wrenching transcendent noise out of the same instruments used by the Eagles, Warrant and Dire Straits. Toy instruments and ukuleles aren’t just for babies, they are for brave sonic explorers, riding the silver rocket light years past Free Beer and Chicken playing “Brown Eyed Girl”. Have you ever seen one ukulele played by another ukulele? You probably should. Just one thing to look forward to. Plenty of other tricks we’ve been working on in the virtual woodshed imposed by one not to be named global pandemic. We have been expanding our repertoire and have over two hours for ya to enjoy, including our takes on tunes from “Daydream Nation”, “Goo”, “Washing Machine”, “Sister” and “Rather Ripped”. Don’t miss “Chapel Hill”, “Cross the Breeze”, “Diamond Sea”, “Silver Rocket”, “Sugar Kane”, “Dirty Boots”, and “Jams Run Free”.

“Chapel Hill,” covered by Sonic Youke in studio 2020

You’ve definitely got to join us live see our updated upcoming shows here. Plus we’ll have stickers, etc! To tide you over check out these videos.

We love the dynamic qualities of Sonic Youth’s songs. It has been a great experience to exploring their work, and adding our own ideas and arrangements. If you look at Sonic Youth’s Cross the Breeze off Daydream Nation it starts out with almost haunting beautiful dissonant tones then changes into an angry ripper then descends into an experimental noise fest. When we play songs like this there are so many opportunities to add our own composition and improvisation, especially with the more experimental parts of the songs.

Feel free to leave comments below. Favorite Sonic Youth songs/suggestions? An experience from a live show?

Traditional songwriting, to us, is where the experimental nature comes in. We’re all involved with so much outside activity with really hardcore, experimental music-making. — Thurston Moore

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